Kessil A360X Tuna Sun - LED FW lighting (~90W)

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  • Producer: Kessil
  • Catalog number: KES-A360X-TS
  • EAN: 0092145343760
  • Guarantee (months): 24
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  • Quantity: 2 kg
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The Kessil A360X is a radically redesigned high powered spotlight from the company that made LED spotlighting practical.

The A360X is both smaller and brighter than the ‘old’ A360 with a 30% volume reduction, mostly in the dimension that counts, for a lower profile over the tank. Furthermore Kessil has made the A360X 25% brighter packing in even more power than before using a “Sunflower” heat sink, with a high efficiency vortex fan. Kesssil has opted to make just one wide beam angle for the A360X which can be tightened to a narrow beam using add-on magnetic lens like we’ve seen in the AP700....

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